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Turning bad situation into something positive.

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   Hard work pays off. Do it right get a spectrum analyzer then treat room accordingly. You have gone this far. The measurements will will be well worth the effort.


Barry (NJ):
That's great Jim, really nice when things work out well.

This week I closed up the chase/duct where all the mechanicals are and the electrical, ethernet, network, and toslink cables are. This also enclosed the new support I Beam. The rooms walls are bare and I need to decide on acoustic treatment. That can not be rushed and will take hours of listening to become very familiar with the room.

Barry (NJ):
Looks great Jim! Good luck getting the acoustic tweaks all figured out. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates ;)

Barry (NJ):
Hey Jim, been a while since your last update, how's the room working out?


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