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Hagerman Burn-In Generators

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Nick B:
So far, Iíve used the Hagermans to burn in one new power cord from the Uber Puerto wall outlet to the UberBUSS, also with Uber Puertos. Also burned in the old digital RCA. Also just received my Border Patrol dac with upgraded Jupiter caps and nos Brimar EZ80 black plate England tube. Lots of variables, but just glad to be playing music again after a month.

  Well I jumped in with a used Hagerman Pro break in device. Being a cable nut this will be used mucho. Yes love trying different cables. I find all cables colored in some way. Finding the color you desire is the chase.


Nick B:
I have recently burned in a power cord and two pair of interconnects. The next and final piece will be a digital coax cable in a couple of weeks.
Iíve never used rhodium, but it would be especially useful for that

What's wrong with just sticking the cord on a CD player and letting it run for a few days?

  Nothing if one wants to put lots of hours on the laser assembly. Only so many hours.



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