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Powerfull tube amplifier.


Guy 13:

Hi all.
My first and last venture into electronic tube amplifier building.
Parts from old TV and radios mounted on a piece of wood,
they call it bread board.
Tubes used were :
Rectifier 5Y3, voltage amplifier triode 6SN7 and
a penthode 6F6.
Output power 2 or 4  or more watts,
not sure, don't know and don't care at the time,
it was making music as soon as I plug it in.
Not sure what was my source and speaker
but I think it was a 4'' full range driver from an old radio
and the source probably a turntable from ? ? ?
Humm mmm ? ? ? ?  That was 54 years ago.   
The soldering was done with a good trusty, rugged
and reliable soldering gun Weller 100-140 watts.
At the time, I was proud of what I did especially that it did work
the first time it was powered.
By the way, the circuit came from several books I had
and all components choosen as per available items,
many were not the exact value, but close enough not to blow on first trial.
When I am back in Canada I might buy a kit from Transcedent or Tube Depot
but I will buy a soldering pencil because lighter and more suited for that kind of work.
But that wont be for another year.

Guy 13
On planet Vietnam, for now...

Now that's vintage.  :thumb:

  Audio Note Kits are the Bomb.



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