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Paul Kaplan - passed away

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Nick B:
Very sad news. RIP

Great sadness on this end. RIP Paul and prayers for your loved ones.  :(

  Paul was one of a kind. A genus, a friend, he will be missed. We should honor him with a RAVE.


Sad news to have to read,,, my thoughts & condolences go out to his wife. I'm glad I got meet them both at a RAVE from their home in the heart of NYC. Great people and a wonderful sounding system. I had a great time as I did with all the RAVES I attended a decade ago.

Like Charles Rollo, I too am having eye issues in my senior years so my long distance driving days are done,,, pretty much like the NY RAVE. But my memories are alive & well as is my A/V system.


WOW, I've been away from this site for the longest ever, at least a month, and was confronted by this sad news.

RIP, Paul!



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