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Audio Gathering - Oct. 27th - Princeton NJ - Start Time - 1pm

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Everyone is invited to Audio Gathering at our place in Princeton, NJ. If you would like to attend please post in the thread or send me a PM. If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay look for hotels in 08540 or 08852.

I would like to thank Lampizator, Pure Audio Project, Hattor Audio for providing equipment and Qobuz for providing access to Hi-Res streaming service for the event.  I would also like to thank Nick for allowing me to post the thread about the gathering on AudioNervosa forum.

Equipment on hand for the gathering is still being finalized but here is my understanding on what is likely to make an appearance for folks to listen to.

Lampizator - Pacific Dac

Lampizator - Golden Atlantic

Pure Audio Project - Quintet10

Pure Audio Project - Quintet15 (TBD)

Pure Audio Project - Trio15 (TBD)

Ze've from Pure Audio Project will let me know if Quintet15 or one of the Trio15 will be the second set of speakers.  I will update the thread once it has been finalized.

Hattor Audio - Passive Pre

Hattor Audio - NC500 Integrated Amplifier (TBD)

Hattor Audio - NC500 Tube Buffered Integrated (TBD - If ready in time)

Let us not forget that D's home is only a short ride away from PREX, which opens at 10 AM for your shopping pleasure., which leaves you plenty of time to fill a few bags before the 1PM gathering time.   8)

I have put this on my calendar and hopefully nothing will come up between now and then that would prevent me from attending.

Hi Deepak,

Count me in. I hadn't seen that mid/tweet configuration before in a PAP product.

If there's room and balanced outs I'd like to give my new Megaschino a spin - It's sublime.



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