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Just what comprises and who is an "Expert?"

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When Charles suggested this as a new portion of AN, I immediately thought it was a great idea, but had a few trepidations of exactly what does the term Experts Corner mean?  Sounds a bit pretentious and perhaps a little off-putting.  That is when my personal definition of "Expert" came back to mind.

"AN expert is someone who has made 10,000 errors in one particular field of endeavor and learned from every one."  Quote me anytime.

When I confront a typical book learned EE, I am always told that wire is wire, there is no way to enhance the SQ of audio by changing interconnects, power cables or speaker cables.  To most of them the whole thing comes down to LCR.  This from people that know that dielectrics, materials purity, platings, geometry, terminations, etc, etc help define the quality of the system.  Yes, cables are a system, no doubt about it.

Digital audio.  Bits is bits, right?  Thank you, Ed Meitner, et al.

Same when it comes down to any aspect of high quality audio.  Room set up comes immediately to mind.  The room is the most important interconnect in audio that isn't a can thing.  Bryan?

BTW -  As a person that has worn cans (headphones) for a lot of my life I can attest to the damage easily done to ears by them. 

In my mind an expert is the guy that will help us to not re-invent the toothbrush, give us construction techniques, turn us on to new adhesives and materials and in the final analysis: save us money, without being condescending and arrogant about it.  I don't know about you, but getting the best SQ possible at the lowest cost possible is a good thing to me.  Seems to work.  I built a decent business by doing just this.

What do ya'll think?

According to Carl Sandberg “An expert is a damn fool a long way from home.”
I don't venture far from home.
Scotty  :rofl:
Dirty Harry Callahan "A man's got to know his limitations."

Anyone that posts here and pretends to be an expert on anything is likely a damn fool. And I stand by that with my expert opinion.  :pop

"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

everyone is their own expert, you don't need someone selling something to tell you otherwise


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