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Midrange resonance in large odd shaped room

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I don't pretend to know a thing about acoustics...except that I DO know that my room is fairly 'live' also. (open concept floorplan)

I've wondered about using acoustic wall fabric like you see in some school rooms. It looks like wall carpeting, sort of. Or textured wallpaper.


If you JUST put up the fabric and nothing behind it of any substance, you'll kill the high frequencies and do nothing for midrange and bass response.  You'll also not do anything in terms of general broadband decay times.


Good to know, Bryan..thanks. So much for that idea.... :oops:


Some graphs:
Frequency sweeps from 20-600Hz, 600-20kHz
Waterfall 20-750Hz, <1 Second

I did these with the small loaner speakers, but they seem to do OK above 30Hz. Black dotted line is calibrated mic at 75dB, where I set pink noise before running the sweeps. Mic is at center of my head at ear height.  Both speakers playing the sweep simultaneously. Sweep was set to 1M setting, kinda slow about 6-8 seconds for the run. The house was silent for a change. Speaker baffles were about 4 feet out from front wall, next to the Focus cabinets. I can't move those things out of the way.  :oops:  

It looks pretty good to me, a little better than last time when I had the big speakers, the small Cary amp and no acoustic treatment. The room now has fifteen 8th Nerve Adapts installed. I will run it again when the big speakers are back in order, but I am still getting the midrange reflection just as badly with these smaller speakers. Maybe you can see something on the data that shows that? I couldn't but I don't know better what to look for!! Let me know if you wanna see something else. Thanks Bryan!

FR looks decent except for a few small things that can be addressed with some bass control.

The decay times are way too high which is not unexpected consdiering the room and the treatments that are up and not up.  Most of your range is still not at -60db after a full second.  Yes it's a large room but we should be seeing closer to 0.5 seconds or so for a room that size and for a music setup.

I'd like to see the waterfall up to a couple kHz if you can just replot based on the measurements you saved (hopefully).

Also notice that about 500Hz there is an area that is in fact down 60db or more by 1 second.  IMO, that's making the midrange shout up higher sound even worse than what it is since probably the 700-1500 is most likely hanging on even longer in comparison to the range just below it.



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