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Midrange resonance in large odd shaped room

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The top drivers all together weigh about 10 pounds, but the bottom three drivers probably weigh 100 and a lot easier to remove. The top mids are loaded into big PVC pipes, so you can't grip inside their holes anyway. I hope the fix is done by next week. At least that's when I'll start bugging them.

I cranked up the volume and listened in the kids rooms last night, they could hear it but not bad at all. I can replace a hollow core door to get  a lot more drop, and if necessary I can put a layer of quietrock inside one of the bedrooms or wherever. They are very sound sleepers though. I think it is quieter now than playing downstairs when the sound came up through the hollow floor. And I had to crank it high to get over the room distortion (or so it seemed) We'll see how bad it is with the big speakers.
Thanks for the offer to help Carl and Steve.


Bryan, and everyone, what do you think about the rear wall being 3 different lengths from the front?  :?   Would an acoustic barrier to shorten the length to one consistent length be better, or is max volume and length better. How bout the small vertical wall above the listening position? Best location for speakers and listening position relative to front wall? Any advice is appreciated to help shorten the trial and error method...  :wink:

I have about 12+ different size and thickness 703 panels to experiment with, plus 15 Adapts, which I intend to hang as many as I can fit. I can treat any surface as necessary. I will wait to scan room until the speakers are fixed. I think those small speakers are not fully exciting the bass freqs.
Have a nice weekend!

I'd not worry about the rear height.  Anything to break it up is only a bennie.

I'd put the Adept seams in the front corners and potentially along the front wall/ceiling intersection.  

I'd also use some of your 703 to construct some sort of straddling absorber for the intersection where the ceiling meets the rear wall (the part that goes up the full height.  This will provide additional bass control that is not at ear level (which you seem to be sensitive to) and also negate any 'horn effect' from that upper corner.

There is more we can do but I'd try those things first - as well as a couple of panels behind the speakers to deal with the SBIR again - when you get the big speakers up there, you'll want it.


Thanks Bryan, I will give that a shot. I'll let you know who how it's coming in a few weeks when things get back to normal.


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