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Anyone here a user of ASC products? They just got a great new review at Positive-Feedback.

I see they have a 20" diameter tube trap that is good down to 30hz.

With the ongoing problems I am having with the massive bass suckout in my room, I am seriously contemplating contacting my local dealer to see what they might suggest to help me out.

Have you scanned the room for frequency response at your listening position? This is a good way to see what is really going on before you start spending money. There is free software online to do this with a computer soundcard: RoomEQ Wizard

Moving the speakers out from the front wall from 3 feet to 4 feet really helped my overall sound too. :) This changed the whole bass sound due to bass echoing off the front wall. Other frequencies benefited too. I thought my wife would yell, "BACK!" when she saw them farther into the living room, but she enjoys the system too.

Bryan P gave me good advice on another forum. And I didn't even know he was a true audiophile then... The GIK products he recommended are extremely powerful.

I also installed 8th Nerve Adapt which made the room sound great without losing any feel of openness or ambience. I have not yet measured the room again to know how well all this actually helped in the bass freqs, but they solved all of the problems that were bothering me. Not cheap, but it does work, I highly recommend Adapt stuff.

I have not measured the frequency response of my room as of yet. I will have to take a look at the program you mentioned. Right now, I have about 18 GIK panels from the 2" thick to a couple of the monster traps. I have tried them in every possible location around the room without a whole lot of success.

I have also played with speaker positioning and listener position in just about every combo I can think of. Last week, I tried moving the whole system against the long wall. while there was a bit more bass, there were a host of other problems it created.

So I have been trying, just running out of ideas with what I've got.

We'll get it going.  I'll guarantee you that the Monsters will do as much or more down low than the ASC's.  Do you have the new Piega's?


I'll bring the sledgehammers.  We need to knock the walls down and start over.  No price is too high for Big Bass.


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