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Recommend a Soldering Iron Under 75 Bucks

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James Edward:
I NEED to start soldering again. Its been 40 years- solder has changed, I havent a clue. Id like a straightforward piece that works well. No bells and whistles- suggestions appreciated. I saw one that was recommended on ASR, but it was a hold for two seconds, release, then press the up button to change temp, etc., etc.. I want something that holds a temp and maybe? has simple adjustments for the new world of lead-free solder. Thanks.
Id like to attempt an amp kit at some time in the future, so I figure practice might make some sense...

Triode Pete:
This one works great & is a quality item...

Go sling some solder!


James Edward:
Aisle 22 Bay 10- on my way! Thanks Pete.

Good solid unit. I have same one and it has worked like a champ for over 30 years.

--- Quote from: Triode Pete on April 02, 2021, 06:19:13 PM ---This one works great & is a quality item...

Go sling some solder!


--- End quote ---

James Edward:
Im starting with the easy things first. I just practice soldered ~ 20 pieces of solid core wire from some Cat6 cable that I twisted together. I imagine stranded wire is much more difficult- heating it to melt the solder has to have a delicate/deft touch for sure.


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