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  Can someone recommend a good meter ? Just need it to bias tubes and general home use. Thanks.


Maybe give this a try?

Guy 13:
Hi Rollo and others.
Fluke are very good but pricy, especially if you only want to bias your tubes.
Of course on there are tons of multimeters,
I would go with anything between 30 to 60 USD with the proper scale.
They should be accruate enought for the task.
No special recommendation, however,
look at the comments, if they sold 100, 500 or 1,000 should means that it's not too bad....
I've just bought a Sanwa, but not very popular in North America,
but got a good reputation in Asia, as good as Fluke for less than half the price.
Not sure of this is of any help, but I am trying to help.

Guy 13


--- Quote from: Folsom on December 18, 2019, 12:26:26 PM ---Maybe give this a try?

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  Thanks Folsom. Interesting option.  Guy had a Fluke lent it to a friend never got it back. Some friend. Saw one from Radio Shack fpr $39 however sold out.


Response Audio:
I don't have any specific recommendations as there are a lot of good meters to be found on amazon. My only recommendation is to get one with auto ranging. I've had one from MAC tools I have been using since I got out of the automotive world nearly 20 years ago and still my favorite.
As other have recommended, I would get the best one you can afford. It doesn't hurt to have a quality multimeter around the house.
I always keep a multimeter in my car and camper. Never know when you're going to need one.
For these I just have cheapo pieces from Harbor Freight that they offer for free with any other purchase.


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