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Guy 13:
Hi all.
Electronic was always a hobby for me
and it goes back 55 years ago.
I went to Teccart Institute to learn basic in electronic,
of course in 1967 vacuum tubes was the standard.
I got a job at Cité Électronique in the shipping department
and as an employee I got a discount on all electronic items,
so I took advantage of that.
I set up a small work shop in my family basement.

My first build was a mono amplifier and a bread board.
It worked the first, didn't blowup, to my surprise.

During my course (Basic electronics) at Institue Teccart
we build a VOM (Volt - Ohms - Miliamp) from a kit and each student could keep it
and I did for many years.
Something that look something like that:

Many years forward, when I had my business,
I went to a show and saw a multimeter in a fish bowl under water and it was working,
I was the make Beckman.
The salesman even dropped it on the floor and kick it twice and it was still working,
I was so impressed that I bought one for my business (Industrial gas burners and valves)
I was an industrial combustion technician.

I've used it for many years, then when I decided to come on planet Vietnam,
I left it behing and bought a Fluke.

I've used it for about 15 years and then one day drop-it on the floor and the plastic case
broke, I tried to repair it, but I didn't do a good job and humidity went in
and within a year, the pcboard was all rusted.
I trew it in the garbage, unrepairable according to the Fluke Authorized dealer in Vietnam.

Then I bought locally a Sunwa analog multitester for 15 USD,
however, at the time, I didn't know that Sunwa was a cheap Chinese copy of Sanwa Japan.
I bought a total of four (04) two are still working.

On a trip to Chicago to visit relatives, I went to Sears and bough a Craftman clamp on digital meter,
I don't know why I did that,
I quickly realize that it was not comvenient to use and didn't have all the usefull features I needed.


Now after spending lots of hours on the Internet I found the authorized dealer for Sanwa - Japan
and this is the model that I will buy soon.
Got back lighted large digital display and many features that I will use.
Sanwa is well known in Asia, but not so much in North America.
It's 81.50 USD reasonnable price for an instrument with so many usefull features.

I also have to upgrade my power supply.
Only paid 15 USD plus 7 USD to get the 220V trabsformer rewinded to 120V.
It's only 0-15V and 0-2A.
I want 0-30V and 0-5A but with analog meters, I found one from Elenco at 230 CND$
but that will have to wait.

So, that's it and that's all.

Guy 13.


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