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  Well my little chickadees go get some TA 102 dampening material and a circle punch and put some on the top of ALL electrolytic caps. You will gain bloom, density of harmonic and timbre. You can use Dynamat or other materials however the TA- 102 or TA-32 from Japan works great. I got a sample from a dealer friend to try. You can find on Ebay if you like. You will be glad you did no downside. I am in 100%.


I've read about this. I just use capacitors that have anti-vibration technology :)

Although you can't get really large sizes, so there's always a place.

Do you think some would say it sounds too dead?

  When I damped power supply caps with Black Hole Pad no deadening at all. Actually sounded more alive and open. I remember hearing about removing the plastic covering to "naked" by a few exotic designers. Duelund uses the compressed paper surround.
Just tried a small dab of Mortite which is coming off very shortly due to its nature of drying sticking etc. I liked the result. Interesting and worth a try.


try using the Moretite around the base of the cap where it joins to the board.

Im thinking blu tack works better. i use it in my crossovers.


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