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An Unusual Speaker Cable, Very Very Low Inductance, Size Matters

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And will all 6n wire expose a hidden problem or get that last gram of sonic bliss?

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Isn't that the $64,000 question with any upgrade?

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Always has been since I figured out that measurements are a great place to start, but the important aspect is the toe-tapping, I wanna just keep listening, screw sleep! one.

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My philosophy as well PI. I get the specs down, then I do the listening testing, and lots of it, including multiple proprietary listening methods when I can. Speakers are more difficult though. It is back and forth with speaker wires, speakers xovers, parts, and positioning. Decades ago, the speakers disappeared. Now it is shedding a tear due to realism.

There have been frustrating times over the decades. But every time something is learned, a  picture starts to develop and when that picture is complete, it is much easier to build anything analog. Once the line preamplifier was perfected, the phono stage and amp were much much easier to design.
Next chapter is a "recording studio"???? Well, maybe a decade or so ago that could have been a goal.  :)



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