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Contact Cleaner / Enhancer?


James Edward:
I've taken my Audioengine W1's out of retirement. They are a paired sending/receiving units https://www.crutchfield.com/S-J0jVnwYEBEQ/p_772AW1/Audioengine-W1-AW1.html

The 1/8" jacks, even though stored pristinely, seem to be noisy and require a lot of manipulation to get the two channels to not cut out, get static noise, etc. Is there an all in one solution that both cleans and enhances contact? This is definitely a contact issue- the two units pair up nicely via their wireless signal.

I'd like an inexpensive solution if possible- I'm setting this up for a non-audiophile civilian who wants to pair two non Bluetooth pieces together... And whatever I use needs to get into the female end of the 1/8" jack.



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