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90 bucks. Why not?

Well I'll be damned. This made an audible difference for the better!

Quieter background. Tighter bass. Smoother, more musical presentation.

Power of suggestion? Dunno. I can remove it and reinstall the heavy duty looking Levitan outlet I had but that's a pain in the ass. I'm enjoying what I'm hearing even if it is.

I can believe that it made an improvement, especially if the previous outlet / plug connection was loose.

Many favorable reports about Maestro outlets (subjective anecdotal evidence if you will) can be found on other forums.

Best of luck with them (or it if only one). :)

  Yes they can make a difference. PIAudio makes a VG one. Furutech though is my favorite. The VooDoo all copper is VG as well.


James Edward:
I also believe in the power of the outlet. PI Dave was good enough to send me one a while back and Tmazz summed it up nicely… I don’t know if I’d believe it if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears.

  Yes PIAudio one is VG. Similar to Rhodium. A neutral presentation. Furutech Gold over copper is warm, all Copper a tad bright. I have compared each of them to each other in a Digibuss. Furutech describes them on their site.



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