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‘Animals’ Pink Floyd Reissue/Remix September 16


James Edward:
A most depressingly great album; I look forward to another mix. Hope it’s not a disappointment.

James Edward:
So- I received my 2018 Animals remix. I was listening to hear what may have been done, hoping it didn’t get mucked up in the process. Other than Pigs On The Wing 1 and 2, (where the guitar is dialed down), the remix is very subtle. Perhaps the sustained synth notes dig a little deeper, and ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ part of ‘Sheep’ has definitely been manipulated.
I put on the original CD that I own- not a Mo-Fi or other pimpish brand, and I can say that the 2018 remix copy blows away the sound quality of what I have. The new one sounds positively analog versus what I have (Columbia CK 34474).
I’ll add that I never thought the SQ of this album was ever on a top ten list, but the music more than makes up for it.


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