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A Great if flawed Reissue

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S Clark:
A friend gave me an LP to take home and get my thought on it.
Vinyl Lovers 6785409 Chet Baker and Bill Evans Complete Recordings.  It's actually a re master of most of the contents of two albums, "Chet" and  "Chet Baker Lerner and Lowe".  Just so happens I have both, the first on Original Jazz Classics, and the other the original pressing in stereo. 
Why am I bothering with this review? Because the sound on this new version is some of the best trumpet and sax (Pepper Adams baritone, Zoot Sims alto/tenor) tonality I've ever heard on vinyl.  Let me repeat that, some of the best I've ever heard.   Evans is mostly in the background, so understand that this is a mellow horn album.
Compared to the early pressings ( which are good ones), it just jumps off the vinyl.   These guys really are in the room. 
Baker, Evan, Herbie Mann, Pepper, Zoot, Paul Chambers, Philly Jo, and a kid named Clifford Jarvis. 
Even though I have all the music already, I've bought a NM copy (I hope).  Beware of new, there are some shady look a likes out there.   
Now there are flaws.  It isn't the quietest pressing, with a few tics.  Paul Chambers bass isn't quite as clear as on the earlier analogue pressings.  But holy cow, those horns are to die for. 

Nick B:
I did a search on Roon and it didn’t come up in Tidal or Qobuz. I sure wanted to hear it. Then found Chet Baker Plays The Best Of Lerner And Lowe, but Roon garbled the playback even though it’s perfect on Qobuz. Tough to figure out these glitches sometimes. Thanks for posting.

S Clark:
My Chet Baker plays Lerner and Lowe is the 1960 stereo pressing.  It's a NM- copy and plays pretty clean, but it's just another good record of a jazz icon.    This new repressing is special.  The sound guys caught lightning in a bottle. 

S Clark:
To follow up... I've done a bit of research on Vinyl Lovers Records.  Seems they are owned by a company (Lilith) that is owned by a group out of Moscow.  Almost certainly their sources are sketchy... probably taken from cd's.  It's a DMM pressing (supposedly) which might mean pressed by Teldec in Germany. 

So, be aware it might be illegally sourced.  Still stand by the sound.  Even if they're crooks, they made a fine record. 

Caveat Emptor rules again. 

S Clark:

--- Quote from: Nick B on July 26, 2022, 09:42:07 PM ---I did a search on Roon and it didn’t come up in Tidal or Qobuz.

--- End quote ---
I'd bet it's because of it's sketchy origins.  Most certainly grey market. 


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