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   Anyone out there ? No posts, no news, no meetings , no correspondence from President nothing. After running this Club for many many years it breaks my heart to see no action. Maybe it will change. Used to be so much fun.


Barry (NJ):
Hi Charles, Friday nights across two bridges, was never really good for me, but I'm looking to get out there again ;)


--- Quote from: Barry (NJ) on June 01, 2021, 04:12:39 PM ---Hi Charles, Friday nights across two bridges, was never really good for me, but I'm looking to get out there again ;)

--- End quote ---
Besides no real reason to go unless for social reasons. No Manf demo, no new gear, nada. I miss what we used to do. For now just have have some people come over.


There are club members at post on AN quite regularly, but the posts are in the threads relevant to the topics, not in this one.

And as it has been ever since this thread started, there is a significant percentage of the club membership that for whatever reason is just not interested in participating in an online forum type discussion. This is nothing new. Just look at the stats on this thread. It was started in 2009 and in the twelve years it has been in existence there have been less than 200 posts here. It's not like this thread was burning up the board, even in the heyday of AN. It is a concept that just never took root with the club.

But just because it has been quiet here, that does not mean that there has been no communications among the club members. The folks in the clubs for whatever reason feel more comfortable keeping in touch via email and text messaging discussions than those have been going on outside of AN. This again is no big change from what has gone on in the past.

And as for club meetings, they have not died out because of lack of interest, they are dormant right now because the vast majority of our membership is age 65 and over, which puts them right smack in the middle of the Covid danger zone. The meetings stopped because people did not feel safe getting together for health reasons. The group has come to a consensus that we think it will be safe to resume in person meetings in the fall. And if things keep going they way they are currently trending I think that is a realistic goal, but of course things can change pretty quickly so at this point we will just have to monitor the situation and hope for the best.

But quite frankly I don't think it's likely that the club will ever go back to what it was 10 or 20 years ago. Our meeting have become more and more social events. An IMO that is driven simply by the changing priorities of our members. And more and more of use are getting deeper into our golden years many of us have less space to deal with as we move out of family friendly homes and into more retirement appropriate living quarters, Have less disposable income that we did when we were working full time and are less physically able to deal with moving around heavy gear than we once were. I see more and more members who are getting to the point where they are deciding for the reasons I just mentioned, as well as others, that it is time for them to just sit back and enjoy what they have build over the years and they are starting to prioritize listening to and enjoying their systems as they sit over trying to incrementally improve those system. And as their priorities move away from system upgrades is is not at all surprising that the overall focus of the club might start to shift.

And this is not an unusual path for someone to take in there journey along this hobby. But what is different now is that in the past we had a few members at that point, but at the same time had a bunch of younger members who were in the middle of the build and upgrade phase of the hobby, so things tended t balance out. But now we , as is the rest of the hobby are really seeing the effects of the greying of the hobby in that we have not been bringing in many new younger members, and as a result the wants and needs of the more senior members (which were always there in the past) are becoming more of a driving force in the clubs since they are now becoming a bigger and bigger percentage of the membership.

Did I just say that listening to music is more important than fiddling with hardware?????  :shock:   

Wow, I think I must be channeling the ghost of Earl.  :D

(I could do worse things,,,,,,,,)


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