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Guy 13:
Hi all.
When I'm back home Montreal, Qc
(Minds you, after 23 years on planet Vietnam,
it feels like home here.
I will put up for sales on Kijiji my Bottlehead Crack amplifier
and my Sennheiser HD-650,
not that I don't lke them anymore, but because I rarely use them,
I bought it, because it looked nice (Tube wise) and played well,
but I realized that the cord restrict my movements.
However, I will buy a pair of Sennheiser HD-598 (Over the ears and closed back)
often my wife listen to her Vietnamese music while I work on the computer.
The headphones will be driven by my brand new (Used only onces)
Schiit Mani 3 (Or the new Schiit Asgard 3)
What do you think ?
Do you have any experience with those headphones ?
If I look at the customer's zillions comments on Amazon
plus all the reviews from experts (Hum mmm),
not easy to have an opinion.
Of course I will go to a store to audition them.

Guy 13

I don't think you listed any equipment that isn't good in that whole thought.

Guy 13:
Hi all.
My criterias are over the ear, closed back and velour padding
and I want to stay with Sennheiser,
so I choose the HD598Cs with extra velour padding or should I call it : Ear cups.
The price on Amazon us 150 USD and I can get them from a local brick and mortar store
in Montréal for 200 CND.
Of course, the price might be higher by the time I buy them in middle of 2020.
First I have to sell my HD-650 with the Bottlehead Crack
so I don't have to reach the bottom of my pocket.
I will keep my Sennheiser HD-570 (Open Back) purchased 15 years ago,
because they are still sounding good and even the velour padding is still good.
That was a good purchase at the time, even if now they are discountinued.

Guy 13

I prefer open back I own the HD650 and love them.

Guy 13:

--- Quote from: jimbones on August 31, 2019, 06:55:47 AM ---I prefer open back I own the HD650 and love them.

--- End quote ---

Hi Jim.
I also prefer the sound of the open back, that's why I will keep the HD-570.
You may ask why I don't keep the HD-650 instead of the HD-570 ?
That's because if I keep the HD-650 I won't be able to sell my Bottlehed Crack
and honestly, the HD-570 Open Back headphones is good enough for me
and it can work wih every amplifiers I've got in the house,
especially the Schiit Magni 3 that I will use with my next new computer set-up.

Guy 13


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