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What's next for Response Audio and Purity Audio Design
« on: March 09, 2020, 01:49:16 PM »
Response Audio has sold out of it recent runs of buffers and preamps. We will be taking a hiatus on producing these products. The Clarity Series cables are also discontinued.

We will continue with the new products from Purity Audio Design

- Harmonia v2.0 DHT buffer/preamplifier (2A3 or 300B)  - available now
- Foundation DHT integrated - uses 2A3 or 300B input tube/ 300B output tube
 Input and output stages each having dedicated tube power supplies.
  Available summer 2020. Est. Selling price: $7500-$8500
We will be offering 2 Foundation amplifiers built into custom chassis (machined from solid aluminum) to anyone who is interested and willing to provide written feedback. Check our web site often for updates or contact me if interested.

Musica Bella Audio will continue producing the custom outboard power supplies for all Purity, Musica Bella and Response Audio tube preamplifiers built since 2005 until further notice.

Raven Audio - we will be responsible for further design and assembly for Raven Audio electronics. .
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