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An Afternoon At The Crack House

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Met up with Shadowlight, Etcarroll and of course Mrs. P at DD's today a.k.a. Crack House
Tmazz they will be looking for you  My Lp purchases are as follows

1. Feel The Sound Of Harvey Mandel
2. Roger Waters ~ The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hicking
3. David Bowie ~ Images 1966-1967  2 lps
4. Bobby Hackett ~ Creole Cookin'
5. Roy Wood ~ On The Road Again
6. Miles Davis ~ On The Corner
7. Sea Train ~ Selftitled
8. Steeleye Span ~ Rocket Cottage
9. Ian Matthews ~ If You Saw Thru My Eyes
10. Herbie Mann Gagaku & Beyond
11. Mike Metheny ~ Day In - Night Out
12. The Band ~ Anthology Volume 1
13. 1969 ~ (Movie Soundtrack)

Thanks for introducing me to your crack house.  Thank god I do not own a turntable  :-k

Thank God!   :roll:


--- Quote from: eleazar on January 15, 2011, 05:27:41 PM ---Tmazz they will be looking for you  
--- End quote ---

Dammit Bill, if he shows up with a trailer, make sure he gets no further than the .50 cent room.

Bill, you guys are safe for now. I just check the social calendar with my wife and she has a family event planned for that weekend,   :nono: so unless I want to spent the month of Feb. sleeping in the garage I'm going to have to sit this one out.   :cry:
However, I do occasionally have to make business trips to Harrisburg, which takes me right through Allentown on 78, so next time I am coming that way I will have to leave time for a side trip.  aa

Oh boy, passing Cabelas and a good record store on the same trip, I could get myself into some real trouble. (Have you ever noticed that there are a whole bunch od jewelry stores right next to Cabelas? How many guys do you think have to make a stop there to make up for what they just bought in Cabelas?  :lol:)

Good luck at the show and find some good stuff so at least I can enjoy it vicareously.  ;)

Happy Hunting,


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