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Bob in St. Louis:

You guys still alive?  :thumb:

I guess not.
The last post was Dec 23, 2009  :roll:

Meet me in St. Louie.


Bob in St. Louis:
with 60 views...........hmmmm.
Maybe they're sleeping?


Hey Bob! 
I didn't have enough speakers at my house so I picked up a pair of Sansui SP-X8000 from Scott's barn.  This will be a fun weekend for vintage tunes.  I'm going to put them in the front room and use the classdaudio amp that I built.  And the wife's out of town for the weekend so I can play them real damn loud.  :thumb:

Just workin for a living. 

Hopefully, this weekend sometime, I'll be able to rip down my upstairs system, do some wiring of a network jack behind the cabinet, and reconfigure things.  Then we can get the big rig up and running again.  Fingers crossed for it to be up and running again Monday night.



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