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First Annual Amplifier Clinic

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You asked for it, now here it is.

The First Annual Amplifier Clinic And Music Extravaganza.

Presented by The Sound Room and St Louis Computronics.

Bring in your amplifiers and have them tested and checked for proper performance.

Special pricing will be available on McIntosh, Classe, Rotel and Audio Quest.

WHERE- The Sound Room in Creve Coeur

WHEN- Saturday October 31st 11am to 3pm

Please come on out. If we get a large enough turnout we will make this an annual event.

Please call me on 314-997-3456 if you want further details

Scott F.:
Very Cool!

I'll bring my little 'JoLida and 2A3. Should be interesting to see just what the wattage, waveform and THD is on both amps.

Hebrew Hammer:
sweet... just like what Dave O'Brien used to do for Mac for 38 years.. this is what made Mac what it is today IMO..

If you have never read the book: Macintosh "for the love of music" do it.. if any one of the Gas members want to borrow it, just let me know

Bob in St. Louis:
Solid state and tubed amps I presume?
Sounds neat. I've got a Jolida 202a I'd like to have a dyno run on.  :D


A friend of mine, a tech here in Raleigh, owned a couple audio shops in Hartford CT back in the day. He used to host those McIntosh amp clinics. He pulled out a pad of the original blank worksheets they would use to write down all the specs and test results. A little piece of nostalgia.


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