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Any GAS members selling cans?


Hebrew Hammer:
so my cheap sony in ears took a shyt today   :x.. and I'll go nuts at work without music... before I go and buy another set of in ears.. anybody got a decent set of inexpensive cans for sale?

Scott F.:
Hey Hammer,

I'm not selling any but I can recommend a really good sounding set that won't break the bank. The Grado SR-80. They are under $100 and are my personal favorite. I've had some stupid expensive cans wrapped around my melon and these are (for me) the most even and articulate cans I've heard. Now, I strongly recommend ditching the hard ear foams that come with them and go with the much softer ones that the SR-60s use. The open the sound up a bit more and are WAY more comfortable. One thing you should knowm these are open backed cans.

Hey, now that I think about it, I've got a cheapy pair of Rat Shacks that don't sound horrible. I used to use them when I cut the grass. I switched over to Shure in-ears and haven't used them since. They are yours for free if you want them. If you make it by, you can hear all four pairs mentioned driven by the Graham Slee Solo can amp.

Lemme know.

Hebrew Hammer:
sweet Scott, I'll start looking for those Grado's on the forums..

Thanks sir!!!!!

Go see whats for sale at head-fi

Pretty god bunch of guys over there.
Ue5 are nice and theres a set dt770s over there for $100  Not a graddo fan till you get up a couple of models above the 80's

Headphones For Sale / Trade


GAS cans?   yukyuk

My expensive Shure ear buds crapped out too. Annoying.  I'm hoping they can be fixed (replaced) for the flat repair fee.

I do have a couple pairs of ATH-M20 headphones that I have been meaning to list. They were used once for a recording session. $20 plus ship/fee.


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