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A Few Cool Pics From RMAF

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Scott F.:

Lemme try this one again but under a separate topic. Bob you said this in a previous thread;

--- Quote from: Bob in St. Louis on October 13, 2009, 05:50:27 PM ---Between you, Scott and I, we could form a photography Circle area.

--- End quote ---

That sounds like a challenge. OK, I'll start first  :rofl:

Here are some cool shots from RMAF. these will be in the Day 1 show coverage at ETM when it gets posted. These are a bit higher resolution and larger (I've been hounding Steve to increase the size of the pics...without much success  :roll: )

A closeup of the Galibier Gavia turntable with the Stelvio platter outfitted with brand new Durand Talea tonearm and the Dynavector XV-1s cartridge.

A cool pic of the Classic Audio Reproduction R1.3 field coil horns shot across the bow of the Atma-Sphere OTLmono-blocks

Chris Hof (BPT) doing the Wolfy lean

Cool shot of the Empirical Audio/BPT gear

The STUPID expensive YG speakers...they are cool to look at though

Jeffrey Jackson (Experience Music) mercury vapor power supply

...ok, lets see if that works.


AHA! GOT IT! You can't just right click, copy image location then nest in the image command. You have to use the DIRECT LINK between the image commands  ;)

Scott F.:
...oops, those are a little BIG aren't they  :duh  I'll pay attention next time I squish and upload the pics  :oops:

They look great to me, thanks for sharing. 
That mercury vapor stuff scares me and intrigues me at the same time.. Seems like a lot of potential to go wrong.. which I love. ;)

No not too big. It's cool!

A few more Scott took at my place the night before RMAF. :)


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