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Tidal Users- Loudness Normalization?

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James Edward:
I just came across this-
Itís automatically set to default to this. Truth be told, I donít understand all Iíve read about this, but I myself turned it off. It seems geared toward mobile users perhaps? A few articles I read mentioned bus/train/etc. listening; Iíd like my listening uncompressed at home.
Truth is, I have only checked the settings on my Bluesound streamer in the past- when I went to the Tidal app itself, there it was, turned on. Iíve always thought my cdís sounded better than streaming, even though I use the DAC input on my cd player, and regardless of bit rate. Iíll need days of listening to see if this is a possible cause, or just a red herring.
Thoughts anyone?

James Edward:
I should have said that this default has been in place for years, but I came across it because Tidal is transitioning away from MQA, or at least adding hi-res files to their catalog, and I was checking my settings in the Tidal app.

I skimmed the article. IMO it's a good feature **ONLY** because they allow you to toggle it on or off.

I also think the term "loudness" is sort of a misnomer as that term already has its place in audio. It should be labeled something like "output decibel normalization".

I don't understand how they can accurately achieve output decibel normalization, unless the user selects all the songs in advanced.



Something else to consider. The feature is useful or useless depending on your use case. This is why I reiterate the only good thing about it is that you can turn it on or off

I don't think phans of Ravel's Bolero would find much use for it. :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol:

James Edward:
I also have no use for it. Iím leaving it off- I suppose a party situation might warrant it, but otherwise no thank youÖ


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