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Thanks guys! I trust you guys more than reviews, say thank you.  :lol:
I have been doing this for over 50 years I'm old so we are in common.

I am using Jack's Fritzzzz's. I Like them very much and do fill my treated room very satisfying , at high 70's to 85 db there abouts playing. Very different (refined) from my Usher CP6371 I had for over 10 yrs time. The Sound Anchor stands tightened the bottom end and imaging. It took 2 months last year to get them but very good.

I had a HSU VTF 2 down firing design in the past in a larger room and just over powered the room. 80lbs and too damn big. Had a built in Amp problem replaced and sold after warranty fix.

REL seems to be flooding the market, don't want the down firing drone design (iTx series), known to walk a bit on the floor during use. A no no. Easy fix but not saying much for their cabinet bracing?

I will give Rythmik a call they are closed till May 25. All I'm after is to fill in the lower end extension. It sounds like that is an easy choice.

NO bang and boom here !


I am using the Rythmik Audio servo amps with my OB H-Frame servo sub stacks.  I have the HX300 Class D amps now discontinued and the A370XLR3 Class AB amps.  I use them with planars from 190Hz and lower.   Will not go back to standard ported or sealed box servo subs.

Hope your journey goes well!

You won't get better bass for less than really stupid money than any of these can provide:

Impact, tuneful and a great company. 

Full disclosure:  Danny is a great friend that makes world class products.

All good advice.

I need/want things on the smaller side.
No more big hulking speakers. Room is only 12X16. I really sympathize people that have to use the living room but if you integrate HT I guess you have no choice.

Thanks to everyone!

I will post my thoughts when this goes through. 

the Rythmic sounds very good. Using the Default settings supplied by Rythmic.
Much more to adjust and position but I hear no room nodes, in heavily treated room.

What outputs from my CM2 do I use?
Fixed or variable? Using variable now.


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