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I'll start a new thread as not to intrude on the Dual Sub comments thread.

I don't ask for advice often.

Looking to get the Rythmic Servo F12 Se (1 not stereo) for Fritz Carrera Be. No 15" sub needed 12" should work well.
Room size 12X16 all treated 6 GIK panels. Not looking for slam bam BS no home theater.
Well integrated KISS principal.

Any experience with these?
I know I know, I can't leave well enough alone. It sounds excellent as is.  :shock:

IMHO, a Rythmik F12 SE is an excellent choice. While I have not paired my F12G with my Fritz speakers (not Carreras), I have paired it with several other pairs of speakers. I would say that I'm mostly content with the results. I've never felt the need to move up to a 15" sub, but then again, I'm using it for music 90+ percent of the time. There have been times when I pondered adding a second F12G, but I have not yet succumbed to the temptation.

I really like my Rythmik sub. I bought an L12 model for our son a couple years ago, and it has worked out well for his beginner's system. [I'm trying to get him hooked on audio, but he's resisted all temptations so far.] 

Hope this is helpful.


S Clark:
I don't know how many systems I've heard with Rythmik subs over the years.  They were all excellent. 
Years ago I was Danny Richie's place as he was designing the crossover to his first model with integrated Rythmik subs.  At the time I told him that I'd never heard a speaker reproduce the bottom end of a concert grand piano so realistically.   
I have large line source speakers that are accurate into the 20Hz range without subs.  But in my smaller system, I use a pair of Rythmic in an open baffle.   I've not heard anything close to their accuracy.   

James Edward:
I imagine my dual sub thread is the one youre referring to In all my research, Rhythmik subs always came up as worthy contenders. In all honesty, I chose Hsu because they are also well regarded, and Rythmik just had too many choices.
I was looking for a sealed sub, Hsu fit the bill, so off I went. Im sure the Rhytmik is also a fine choice. Enjoy it.

I own two pair of F12's a pair in two different systems and they are excellent subs, the best I have ever tried.  Also ran a pair with Carrera Be's and they were a great match if you keep the crossover and sub volume down.  Never tried them with just one sub but I expect you can make it work with careful placement and measurement.  If the the single sub only is due to cost let recommend you look into the RSL Speedwoofer 10 Mk II.  I ran them with the Carrera's too in a second home and again an excellent pairing plus you can buy a pair for less than the cost of the single F12SE.  If you want to stick with the Rythmik then you can't go wrong there either.


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