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How many here use Cassette Decks

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Response Audio:
I have been using cassette decks forever. Just received another, a Nakamichi CR-2A.
Just curious who else might still enjoy this form of analog source. Letís see those decks.

I no longer do. Back in the day (early 90's) I had a Sony TC-WA7ESA, purchased brand new for about $350.. It was an outstanding deck. I never felt the need for a nakamichi dragon. The Sony I had was a dubbing tape deck (i.e. you could record from one tape to another). So, I was able to trade in those days the old fashioned way. Yes, you guessed it. I could copy one of my tapes that I recorded to a blank tape, and then use the dubbed tape to trade with other deadheads via postal mail. I never used the fast copy feature so as to ensure the best quality dubbed recording.

I still have the names and addresses of the scores of people I traded with. Nobody ever had an issue with a tape I created for them, or if they did, they didn't tell me.

I tape recorded a Grateful Dead show that played every Saturday evening at midnight. WBAI, Morning Dew was the call letter ID of the station and name of the program. I recorded to approximately 750 tapes. Traded perhaps for a few hundred more. In total I had just over 1,000 at one point.

Maxell 90 minute tapes were the preferred brand of tape. Sometime a more expensive "S" version of the tape was used. I bought blank cassettes in bulk (100 at a time) to save whatever I could compared to buying a pack of 5 or so.

I had the deck serviced twice during a ten year period as it needed new belts, pro cleaning, etc. The service was $75 so in total I must have spent $500 on the deck, proudly owning and using it for more than 10 years.

I sold my deck and entire tape collection (I still have about 30 tapes for nostalgia reasons) sometime early 2000. I moved to all digital and never looked back.



Back when the Nak Dragon was released I was working at Sound Ideas here in Albuquerque.  Employees could take advantage of manufacturer's accommodation.   Retail price was $1850.00.  Accommodation price was $500.00.  I'm sorry I ever sold it   :(

My first really good phono cartridge was a Technics (P100?  I don't remember) and I got that for 40% of retail.

Those were the daze!

Nick B:
I had a Tandberg TCD 330Öiirc. It was a very good deck and looked great too. I sold it years ago. Still have a few cassetteís laying around, but no way to play them. I recorded with Maxell and think I used BASF as well. Iím pretty sure I bought that Tandberg in the late 70s. Itís also the first high end audio device I bought. It was expensive as well.

S Clark:
The only cassette deck I had was in my 1970 Torino GT.  When someone stole it in the Sears parking lot, they left behind a good pair of US made wire cutters.  I've still got them... I got the better deal.   :thumb:


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