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Stereo Subs Anyone?

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James Edward:
Iím really enjoying what Iím hearing from my system- Iíve got one sub now, and giving serious thought to adding a second. Any thoughts one way or the other? As my title implies, theyíre both going up front.
I was never able to make a large set of speakers deliver tight bass- placement and problematic room caused various booming that I could not tame. Thatís why subs and open baffle speakers. Q control on the sub really seems to tighten things up.
A single sub is serving me pretty well- overall great sound but a few holes/nulls as I move around the house.
Equipment list below if it helps.
PS- Just played a bunch of 12Ē 45 RPM records- man they sound great.

For optimal sound, subs are always supposed to be used in pairs (2, 4, etc.).

James Edward:
Sounds good- no pun intended to

+1 on the pair. Unless it has DSP. A big help. I like the Golden Ear Sub with DSP as a single sub or Rythmic with no  DSP in a pair.


At least two...


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