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Wuthering Heights- non music related -kind of


Went Sunday night to see this with my girlfriend because it's her favorite book. Under protest because it was Sunday evening, but this was one of the best shows I have seen. It was playing at a place called St. Annes Warehouse in Dumbo Brooklyn. It's a converted tobacco factory. Small theater and fairly comfortable. Great story line, I didn't even know what it was about. The acting and singing was superb and minimalistic stage props but conveyed the whole story very well. It's a traveling theater group called "Wise Children" putting on the show so if you Google it maybe they will be near you at some point, or maybe not. I think it's a must see. There is a film with Ralph Fiennes and Julian Binoche which when I have time I will rent.

Nick B:
I havenít read Emily BrontŽ, Jane Austin etc, but have seen the adaptations on PBS. Very good programming. Might see if I can find the movie on a streaming service.


Nick B:

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Interesting gal, that Kate Bush Ö.. 🤷

Barry (NJ):
US Tour is pretty limited...


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