Author Topic: No Interst in Contributing or Posting from Club Secretary or Members ????  (Read 4844 times)

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I am very much guilty of not being on AN (let alone posting) due to personal time constraints. As far as the Syndrome membership e-mail list goes, I totally understand not "blasting out" mass e-mails to the list, especially if they are being used to advertise non-audio products or services to the group. In regards to anything else, we have all established relationships with the club membership in varying degrees. If any two (or more) club members agree to exchange e-mails (or even cell phone texts for that matter) amongst themselves, no one has the right to prohibit it. There's absolutely no sense in having a club if we cannot interact with one another.

On the "flip side" of this... if anyone is looking for answers to audio problems, equipment changes, compatibility, upgrade recommendations, etc... the forum here is an EXCELLENT place to ask.

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It's not just us.

Look at the other group threads NC hasn't seen any activity at all since 2017 and neither the WV nor Gateway group has have seen an audio related post since 2014.

Folks who have something to discuss are simply posting under the threads related to the topic and just not on the group threads.
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