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I think my System is virtually, finally finished

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I just made, maybe, my last tweak. I added two turns to an inductor on my speaker crossover.
A friend, with multiple systems, came over, who owns Harbeth, LS3/5A speakers, flat out told me never to make another tweak again.

Soooooo, I thought I would sneak in another tweak, by adding one more turn to the inductor. No go. Had to remove the one more turn.

But honestly, it looks like the journey with my system is over except for speaker wire, which is prohibitively expensive. I am not sure I need it though.

The Modi 2 has been successfully modified.
My test Phono stage is sounding superb. (It is still hay wired together though.)
The 11A has been finished for some years.
My 20 watt PPT (push pull triode) mono amp design has been finished for some time.
Interconnects have been finished for some years.
Speaker wire could be better, maybe using all 6N pure solid 18 gauge wire.
Speakers are finished for use in this room. (Except for covering/painting)
Inner tube below 11A, Test Phono Stage, Modified CD player.

40 years and finally finished. Been enjoying the music so much these past couple of weeks.

As you go thru this string, another tweak or so occurs. Here is a string I started demonstrating the lack of
artificial flavoring/absence of sonic signature.



Guy 13:
Hi Steve,
are you 100% sure you wont tweak again your system ?
Can you resist the temptation of modifying something ?
Only time will tell.

Guy 13

S Clark:
Seriously? You could discern a difference from 2 turns on an inductor? What is that, like 1uH? 
I'm not questioning, just jealous.  That's in the realm of perfect pitch. :shock:

Nick B:
Congratulations, steve. Iíve always admired your attention to detail and your descriptions of your testing methodology. Wish I could hear your system.  :thumb:

Maybe a YouTube video?


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