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I'm looking to arrange a ski trip for myself and bring my wife and son as well.  Wife and 3 yr old do not ski.. they may tube a little bit, during 1 day.

I'd love to have someone to ski with if possible.  I have an extra set of skiboards if anyone is interested... I know that's a long shot..

But.. I was hoping one of the WV gang could tell me if they knew of a good lodging arrangement for this.  I am fairly portable when I ski but I don't want to hike to/from the slopes so much that it's not fun.

I want my wife and son to have something to do... an indoor pool would be neat.  Good views, a fireplace, etc... but anything else that would be fun within an easy drive would be nice too.  We'll have our car.

I was looking at the 'Rimfire' at Snowshoe.. it has a little kitchenette which is a necessity.

We're looking to go in either early Feb or early March.


Rob S.:
Carl- you'll love the trip.  How many days?  Squeeze in a few Sunday - mid week to get significant savings.  Weekends you'll be paying top dollar anywhere up on the mountain. 

We've stayed at over a dozen places up on top of the mountain and another 1/2 dozen at the bottom of the mountain- and I can highly recommend staying at the top.  Especially with any kid under 12.  Pay the premium to be very close to the village.   You have split rock pool within 1 min walk of 5-6 condos complexes.  And the Big Top beside shavers center for games and other kid fun. 

For high end: allegheny Springs is awesome, rim fire, expedition station, Highland house are also very nice.   

For value: go Mountain lodge.  Still only 1-2 min walk to village ( even for 3yr old )  some of these are dated and others have been updated- look for platinum or gold rated ones for the better quality of the high end ones listed above.   We usually go here when we want to save a few bucks.

Might also want to see what's available on VRBO with the above places.  We use them first.  Then try snowshoe booking the same places second.

Let's talk by phone.  I'm lazy and don't want to type a book here. We'll be up there one or 2 weekends in feb and one in March.  Maybe we can meet up.   You ski or snowboard? 

Rob S.

Sweet.  Rimfire was my top choice based on what I was looking at... I sent you a PM about calling.

I 'skiboard' which is kind of like 2 small snowboards... short, wide, double-tipped, feet in the middle... you can do parks, jumps, etc. and they're fun for speed too... just not long-ski speed.  Very easy to control, lots of fun.

Looking forward to a chat.. I'm lazy too!

Going snowshoeing in Mariposa Grove Yosemite tomorrow!
If you like being outdoors it is a great workout :thumb:

Sweet! Take a camera.. post pix.  I'll do the same.  :thumb:


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