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I just got home from visiting with Rob and the whole gang of Charleston area audiophiles. I had a blast, and I think some of them may have enjoyed it too.

Rob's system has come a long way since the last time when I was there in Feb 2010. Atmasphere and DEQX, accuton/RAAL, BAD Panels, Art Audio  Phono stage, and lots of pretty purple wires are all new. The system sounds completely lovely. I think it was the best recorded violin sound I have ever heard.

We had fun setting up and learning how to use his new rcm, trying various cleaning fluids, and playing lots of vinyl.   We tried Sol's i60 in place of Rob's dedicated monoblock plate amps for his bass drivers. A little cleaner and punchier. Some speaker position fine tuning with Carl's laser.

I got to tour the systems of most of the other guys in the clique. They are a really right group who meet often for listening and just hanging out. All of the systems were very different, and unique and wonderful in their own way. It really reminded me how much this hobby is an artform, not a technical pursuit. Each system was a reflection of its owner.

Bob's system is McIntosh's best electronics with very large ML stat panels and Michelle TT. Powerful, dense, exciting. Perfect for the smooth jazz and classic rock he loves. A second system with panel TV, deftech speakers, NuForce Oppo BlueRay player, JL sub, sounded and looked beautiful playing Michael Blublay.

Bill's system is Maggie Tympani's with AR SP6 and 2 AR 75W power amps, vertically biamped, with AR passive line level crossover. SOTA Saphire. Oh, and 4000 LPs, mostly jazz, the focus of Bill's system is very obviously music listening. The system is tuned for maximum pleasure during long listening sessions. Midrange is excruciating beautiful, but also punchy tuneful bass, gentle highs, just enough to listen close to cymbals and voices, but not enough to ever make you think about treble. The room is gigantic, perfect for the big panels. I drooled over the records I saw, a lot of stuff I didn't even know existed, most of it on original pressing, near perfect condition. Bill is a serious collector of multiple art forms. I really need to hear the new 3.7s and 20.1s.

Dave's system is 140W Pioneer receiver, Michelle TT, DefTech 7004s and surrounds, and a big 52" Pioneer Elite Plasma. Very dynamic and clear and is extremely coherent top to bottom. Dave's system is built for enjoying rock LPs and concert videos. We watched Zep's "Song remains the same" and a Jethro Tull concert at Montreaux with Shrimp and rice.  :thumb: I really enjoyed that system.

Looking forward to my next visit to WV in the spring - Thanks guys!

Sounds like a fun trip and some great folks and systems.  :thumb:

Doesn't anyone but us New Yorkers carry cameras ?

Cameras haven't made it to WV yet. ;)

I brought mine, but it still had telephoto lens on it from the baseball game before I left. No good for inside pics.

Rob S.:
Oh yes Mr. Richie we have cameras here, just a little shy about taking them and posting them.  Here's one of the audionervosa's heavy hitters doing some measurements on my right speakers distance to the listening chair.  With some slight adjustments ( bringing the left speaker forward 3 inches and a very slight turn in on both) Richidoo reports a more focused soundstage.  Thanks for the help.

Rob S.

(edited to add your photo)


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