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 We are trying to plan a get together with Richadoo and the NC boys for some Golf and music. Are any of you interested in making this happen ? If so lets see if we can pick a time frame for consideration.


I'll fly over and do my Tiger Woods imitation?


--- Quote from: shep on March 16, 2010, 12:12:44 PM ---I'll fly over and do my Tiger Woods imitation?

--- End quote ---

At the golf course or the Motel 6?  :yay2:

Rob S.:
you guys go on without me.  I hate paying $$ and being frustrated for 3-4 hrs.  not ready to play golf yet, maybe when I reach 55 or 60.

Now I could maybe recruit Carl for an Epic mtn bike ride somewhere while you guys are golfing.  :)

Rob S.

Rob S.:
yes...   What location are you thinking?

Rob S.


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