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GTG at my house.... what dates will work for you?

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Rob S.:
Chris (WV) asked me when i was going to host.   I can and need to know what weekends would work for you guys.  I have the Fri/Sat 19th/20th evening free.  If that doesn't work I'll make time the Apr 2nd/3th weekend.

I loved the last GTG at Bob's house.  Dinner out was a good idea, so maybe we do that again, then head back to my place for drinks/music.

What dates work?

Rob S.

Rob S.:
Friday 19th   
Dinner at Cozumels (Ashton Place) ~ 5:30pm
       head over to the St.Jean shack after for tunes (~6:30 till  ??? )
I"ve got drinks covered ( good beer, bad beer, wine, etc)
Bring some music (CD or vinyl), or any pieces of gear you want to share. Email me for directions.

Let's have some fun.

Rob S.


What's the bad beer ? #-o

--- Quote ---I"ve got drinks covered ( good beer, bad beer, wine, etc)
--- End quote ---

Rob S.:
Pretty much any watered down beer..... some people drink common beer, so I'll have some on hand.    don't want to name any names cuz I might hurt someones feelings.   After all, AN is where we play nice.  :)

In your AC speaker leans, I see you drinking the kind of beer I'll call the good beer. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

Rob S.

Gotcha..... ;)

So many little time...pick the best ! :thumb:

System is looking good Rob (good room)...enjoy the get together.... :beer:


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