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A suggested new topic that maybe can be pinned. Over at AC once there was the creation of a long list of all the web addresses of where people went to look for advice or just to check out new gear. Maybe we could do the same? It would be helpful to have these all stored in one place, maybe with short comments as to why we like or don't. I just lost all my favorites, after saying that FIrefox was bug-free :(
I go most often to 6Moons. The site is pretty, well organized and pretty thorough. I also happen to like the editor and approve of his philosophy and willingness to try out all kinds of stuff. Appeal to you?

GreAT ideer shep! Thanks - Stereophile Magazine - The Absolute Sound Magazine - Enjoy the music online magazine, featuring our own Scott Faller's "New Adventures in High Efficiency"

Great idea, Shep.. we may do more with this soon.. In the mean time, post your faves here...
Always a fun read,


That's it for the moment.

richidoo: has amateur reviews by owners.



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