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Some of you probably already know about this, but I just discovered it and it seems to be quite a sweet deal, so I thought that I would pass it along to my fellow AN'ers  :D.

B&W Society of Sound full membership, 12 months for $59.95, you get one year of music downloads, as they are released. Plus, you can download all previous months albums...I count 35 albums currently. They offer three resolutions FLAC 24bit/48kHz, FLAC 16bit/44.1Khz, ALAC 16bit/44.1kHz.

There appears to be a nice variety of music, so there might be something that would strike most peoples fancy  :).

I'm in the process of downloading my 'stash' NOW!

Yeah, some really nice sides in there. Are you gonna get them all?  aa

This one looks cool:

YUP! I signed up for a I'm downloading all available  :thumb:!

I recently renewed my first year subscription.  Definitely a great deal on some great music.  It's not all my cup of tea but most of it is.  My two favorites without a doubt are Charlie Winston's 'Passport' and Peter Gabriel's 'Scratch My Back'.   The LSO albums are also very good.  Actually, it's all excellent!  If you have a way to playback high-resolution music, there is no cheaper entry than via B&W Society of Sound.  


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