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June 12 - Anthony Gallo is featured guest at Audio Video Synergy / NYAR


Dear AudioNervosa,

I'm sure many of you are aware of this event already, as it has been discussed on the New York Audio Rave forum at AudioCircle. But since this is not only a Rave event but open to the general public, I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone-

Audio Video Synergy is in Phillpsburg, NJ, and is owned by my brother Dave.
Anthony Gallo will be there on Saturday, June 12, to exhibit some of his newest products, including the new Reference 3.5. Tommy from the Digital Amplification Company will also be there with some of his outstanding Class D amplifiers.

Details are still being worked out, but I anticipate that from approximately 1:00 till maybe 4:00 or so, we will be listening and speaking with Anthony.

To the other audio groups that are in the area (charles, Liz King): If you would be so kind as to extend an invitation to your members as well?

I'll update this thread (assuming that this is the correct place for it) when more information is made available.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Hope some non-NYAR people can attend!  :thumb:


Barry (NJ):
Levi took pictures  :thumb:...

--- Quote from: Levi ---Thanks to Dave, Mike and the Audio Video Synergy crew for a fine Sunday afternoon!  Likewise to Barry for setting this up with Anthony Gallo.  I considered buying the Gallo speakers back in 2002.  I think it was the 2.1 back then.   Those are great speakers for sure.  The Digital Audio Company amps not only held its' own against the Spectron amp it also competes.  Finally, thanks to "Pumpkinman" for the LPs.   :thumb:

Because of time constraints, we did not make it to Mike's house.  Thanks for the invite!

I have pictures uploaded.

Anthony next to his speakers

Tommy and Anthony Gallo installing the Spectron amp

Sweet spot!

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Levi ---More pictures...

New Cherry amp and face plate

Main system

Second system

Krell integrated and Oppo source

--- End quote ---

Did they wrestle ?

Thanks for the pics Mike. I'd love to hear those new MTM Gallo sats.  And the Cherries too, looks like you had fun! Nice looking store there.


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