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You can get a FREE subscription to a new e-newsletter...audiobytz.

Just go to this page and sign-up...

I just signed up, thanks Steve!

From the newsletter advertisement in their own AudioXpress magazine:

"audiobytz is a clearinghouse for announcements in leading-edge technologies that bear upon audio reproduction. We'll cover news of interest to designers, such as new chips or design and testing tools, as well as developments revealed at engineering conventions. AudioBytz will also cover how new technology is incorporated in products of interest to audio enthusiasts.

About David Ranada, author of audiobytz:
Building on a strong background in electronics engineering, David Ranada has had a career spanning more than three decades as a journalist covering developments in electronics. Most of that period was spent as the Technical Editor of major audio-video publications such as Stereo Review, High Fidelity and Sound & Vision. His well-regarded writings and highly respected product reviews introduced a generation of readers to such technologies as digital audio and the CD, digital video and the DVD, high-definition audio and video and the Blu-ray system, and to the value of rational thinking and scientific discipline in the evaluation of technology."

Make that 2 of us. Thanks for the tip. :thumb:


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