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Tube Changes
« on: January 16, 2010, 10:05:23 AM »
Last evening I went over Jim K's to listen to the Wytechs with NOS Sylvania military 6SN7s. We all know how good Jims system sounds with those 211 based amps and the VR6 speakers.
   Well my little chickadees it was a transformation of huge proportions. Fuller richer and plenty of detail remaining. At first it sounded a bit rolled off in the top to Leslie [ :duh] howeve after a while he realized te Hi Fi sound was gone [ you know that crisp over detailed prominent treble] The music now has more of an organic hit you in your heart sound. Soul baby soul.
  All it took was one tube change. The best part he had the tubes all along but thought they were not usable due to different code on the stock supplied 6SN7s.

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