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Re: meeting at rollo's
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Hmmmnnn.... Ears Nova. Please don't get me started! :x  It seems like good 'ol "J" is up to his usual tricks again! [-X  He's the guy that got me into the realm of high-end audio (I owe him for that) but boy did his tune change fast after I went a real long stretch of time before visiting his shop again.  It was before they moved out of Great Neck and I guess he was mad that I hadn't bought anything from him for so long! :!:

I will vouch for Accent on Music in Mt. Kisco. :thumb:  They are wonderful people to work with.  Informative without pushing a hard sell and very reasonable. An overall class act.  Believe me, the trip to Accent is worth the drive, the gas money and tolls!  Oh, BTW if you do make the trek, there's a real good Greek restaurant just across the street that has great cheap eats!  :)

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