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I performed a review and cleaned up some possible ambiguity for those who found the
initial post confusing. Hopefully, the post will be easier to understand.

Cheers and all the best.

Special Events / Re: Triode Wire Labs at the 2024 Florida International Audio Expo
« Last post by orchardaudio on February 20, 2024, 06:02:59 PM »
Here are some pics of the two rooms my equipment was in.
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 20, 2024, 01:07:02 PM »
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA
August 26, 1994

**New Transfer of DAT MASTER on January 18, 2010**

One of if not THE BEST sounding stealth recordings I ever made, definitely better than many open recordings I made.

Schoeps MK4's>Reutelhuber preamp>Sony TCD-D10PROII
Recorded from Floor Section 104 Row 2 seat 21 (17th row on center aisle)
DAT MASTER>Sony TCD-D10PROII>Sound Devices 744t>Soundforge Pro 10 (Fades, Sample Rate Conversion with Isotope 64bit SRC at highest setting)>CDWAV>FLAC

All Flac files tagged with Artist, Venue, Date and Song Title with Foobar2000

Recorded and Processed By Keith Litzenberger


Jon Anderson  (Vocals)
Tony Kaye  (Keyboards)
Trevor Rabin  (Guitars)
Chris Squire  (Bass)
Alan White  (Drums)
Billy Sherwood  (Guitars)


01 Intro/Perpetual Change
02 The Calling
03 I Am Waiting
04 Rhythm Of Love
05 Hearts
06 Real Love
07 Changes
08 Heart Of The Sunrise
09 Make It Easy>
10 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
11 Rabin Piano Solo>
12 And You And I
13 Where Will You Be?
14 I've Seen All Good People
15 Walls
16 Endless Dream
17 encore break
18 Roundabout>
19 Purple Haze
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 19, 2024, 05:37:11 PM »
the Radiators 
1994-03-05 -
The Terrace,
200 Academy Drive,
Austin, TX 

01. Warm-Up Introduction >
02. Sparkplug
03. Honey From the Bee
04. Kamikaze
05. I'm In the Mood
06. Mood To Move >
07. Swamp Rat
08. Confidential >
09. The Cisco Kid >
10. This Wagon's Gonna Roll
11. Go Back the Way You Came
12. Number Two Pencil >
13. Someone Like You >
14. Party 'Till the Money Runs Out
15. Corinna >
16. Suck the Head >
17. Red Dress
18. Last Getaway >
19. Soul Deep
20. Dream Woman >
21. Doubled-Up In a Knot >
22. Love Is a Tangle >
23. Mountain Jam >
24. Love Is a Tangle >
25. Little Sadie
26. Isn't That So? >
27. Sunshine Of Your Love >
28. Nasty Boogie Woogie 

Ed "Zeke" Volker (Edward Louis Volker) - keys, percussion, horn, vox
Dave Malone (David Malone) - guitar, vox
Camile Baudoin - guitar, vox
Reggie Scanlan - bass guitar
Frank Bua (Frank Bua Jr.) - drums, percussion
Glenn "Kul" Sears - percussion, b.vox 

source: analog sbd recording
gen: 1st
taper: ?
cassette provided by: tacobueno
transfer: cassette -> Technics RS-BX747 -> Adobe Audition -> CDWave -> TLH (flac)
digital transfer/edit by mossa 2023-01 (24-48)

mossa Notes: 
--"Warm-Up Introduction" cuts in
--"Number Two Pencil" cuts in
--slight hiss reduction done

vanillag NOTES (2/3/2023): 
--Thanks so much to whomever originally recorded & shared out this the Radiators 1994 show & to mossa for the transfer & sharing of his copy far & wide for all of us.  Absolutely Appreciated!! 
--there's not very much missing at all from "Number Two Pencil" as it starts well before the first verse & still includes over 2&1/2 minutes of jamming before it even gets to those first lyrics
--I added more detail to the band members info & setlist info
--corrected some song titles toward how they appear on the original albums
--added more detail to the venue info 
--This venue no longer exists & I can't believe I found info on it & even pictures (especially since there was scant little to find on this place on an initial search & a generic name like "The Terrace" gets confused with so many other places & businesses of the same name, etc.), but thru sheer determination & cross-referencing detective work, I was successful...full history of it is in the link directly below, but the long & short of it is that it was built & began as "The Terrace" in 1951, then the "Villa Capri" in 1957, then "Terrace Club" in 1965, then hit hard financial times by the early 1970s & was rented out to the "Texas Opry House" in 1974, but a bounced check from them meant the venue did not make it to 1975.  So, it was dormant from 1975-1977 when the great Willie Nelson bought the entire Terrace Motor Hotel & Convention Center (with 300 rooms & two swimming pools!!) in May 1977 by assuming a million dollar note & handing over $5,000 in cash.  He & his partners worked like hell to overhaul the place & install 1800 seats & new paint job & such & re-opened as "Austin Opry House" on 1977-06-28 with Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings kicking off opening night.  Place now included a recording studio called "Arlyn".  Things were all good until a former partner from the 1974 run of "Texas Opry House" sued them for trademark infringement & after a long trial & another cease & desist on using the 'Opry' name from Nashville’s "Grand Ol’ Opry", their hands were thrown up & in September 1978, the name was officially changed to "Austin Opera House", though everyone still just called it "the Opry House" & the ads for it retained the name & logo of "Austin Opry House" for another year or so.  Willie sold his majority share of the Opera House in 1988 & then the seating was pulled out & it was renamed “The Terrace” like the old days.  That lasted until sometime in 1995 when the building was sold to the YWCA (the link below claims the selling to the YWCA & the ending of the music shows there happened in 1993, but obviously that is not the case as this Radiators show went down in 1994 & I also see some SXSW shows that happened here in March of sometime in 1995 or just after is when that sale to the YWCA would have taken place by my estimation).  Ownership changed hands a few times since then & apparently there was a proposal to go before City Council on 2022-01-27 to re-open the place as a music venue by reaching a compromise with the neighborhood where they would cut capacity there to only 1000 peeps...I don't know if that was successful or not. 
--created an md5 checksum file 
--added pics of the venue/building from what it looks like now & also back in the day when it was the Austin Opry House. 
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 19, 2024, 01:01:59 PM »
Led Zeppelin
"LA Forum"
June 25, 1972
Inglewood Forum, Inglewood, California
Cobra Standard 024
Original Pressed CDR>EAC Safe Mode>WAV>SHN
Very good audience recording, a little bass heavy in parts, but everything
comes trough clear.

Disc 1
01 Immigrant Song
02 Heartbreaker
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 Black Dog
05 Since I've Been Loving You
06 Stairway To Heaven
07 Going To California
08 That's The Way
09 Tangerine
10 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 2
01 Dazed And Confused (includes Walter's Walk,The Crunge)
02 What Is And What Should Never Be
03 Dancing Days
04 Moby Dick

Disc 3
01 Whole Lotta Love (includes Everybody Needs Somebody To Love,
Boogie Chillun',Let's Have A Party,Hello Mary Lou,
Heartbreak Hotel,Slow Down,Going Down Slow,The Shape I'm In)
02 Rock And Roll
03 The Ocean
04 Louie Louie/Every Day People/Organ Solo
05 Thank You
06 Communication Breakdown
07 Bring It On Home

In the immortal lines of Luis Rey;
"Using the audience as a phenomenal cushion as Immigrant Song crashes
with genteel brutality over their heads".

Not as lyrical as Luis, in my own words;
"About 180 minutes of sonic perfection, as long as 1975 and 1977 shows, but with
much more dynamics and contrasts. This show (and Long Beach) can happily exist
next to How 'The West Was Won', I think."

Not to be misunderstood, this is the audience recording from the show
Jimmy used (the multitrack/mobile studio recording) to be part of
'How The West Was Won', which, if your downloading this should be in your collection
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 19, 2024, 12:21:40 PM »
Blind Melon
Good Foot Workshop
Studio Demos
Los Angeles, CA

 Cassette Master>DAT>>WAV>CD-R

 01 - Drive
 02 - What You Lost
 03 - Paper Scratcher
 04 - Tones of Home
 05 - Leave Me Alone (I Wonder)
 06 - Dear Ol Dad
 07 - Soul One
 08 - Seed To A Tree


This Is The Real Deal Folks.No Slow Speeds,No Distorted Bass.
The Recording Itself Came From A Battered Cassette (Sony).There
Has Been No Digital Editing Or Eq'ing Done To This What So Ever.What
You Are Hearing Is What Was On The Tape...And It Sounds A Hell
Of Alot Better Than The Actual Silver Cd Bootleg.

This Upgrade Brought To You From Cyko50

Seeded in the Hub On Direct Connect

Any Repost Requests,Questions or Comments Can Be Emailed To


Note:  I recompressed the SHN files to include the seek tracks (*.skt)
       in the SHN files instead of being separate.
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 18, 2024, 01:55:33 PM »
Luther Allison
Uni Mensa
Tuebingen, WG

source: analog audience recording
gen: 1st of master
taper: ?
cassette provided by: ?
transfer: cassette -> Technics RS-BX747 -> Adobe Audition -> CDWave -> TLH (flac)
digital transfer/edit by mossa 2023-01 (24-48)

Set 01
01  Compromizing For Your Needs
02  All Your Love
03  I Wanna Know
04  Show Me A Reason
05  Sweet Home Chicago
06  Further On // Up The Road
07  The Thrill Is Gone
08  Get Out Of My Life, Woman

Set 02
09  Help Me
10  Luther's Blues
11  Backtracks
12  Bad New Is Coming
13  Life Is A Bitch
14  Should I Wait
15  Let's Try Again
16  Serious
17  Sitting On The Docks Of The Bay
18  Confusion In The Parking Lot
19  Just Memories
20  Reaching Out

Luther Allison - Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Jim Schutte - Drums
Michel Carras - Keyboards
François "Zox" Camuzeaux - Bass
Frank "Fast Frank" Rabaste - Guitar, Vocals

-  opening act: Black Cat Bone (partial show recording included in seperate folder)
-  "Further On..." cuts in middle (tape flip)
-  "Bad Loser's Coming" has a cut in middle (tape flip)
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 18, 2024, 11:58:15 AM »
Damrosch Park Bandshell at Lincoln Center
New York, NY
July 14, 2023

Taylor Goldsmith - vocals, guitar
Griffin Goldsmith - drums, vocals
Lee Pardini - keyboards, vocals
Trevor Menear - guitar, vocals
Anna Butterss - bass
Ian Bush - percussion

Source: master audience recording
Taper: larryrulz
Location: first row orchestra
Lineage: CA-11 (cardioid) > Sony A10 (44/24) > Audacity (amplify, EQ, tracking) > TLH > FLAC 6 > foobar2000 (FLAC tags)
Sound: mp3 samples attached in the Comments

Length: 1:39:36

Complete show on YouTube:

Taper's note: Audio mix is a bit low in vocals. I was definitely not in a sweet spot being up against the stage with all of the PA monitors overhead. But the video is nice.

01 stage entrance
02 Ghost in the Machine
03 Still Feel Like a Kid
04 From a Window Seat (intro)
05 From a Window Seat
06 Crack the Case
07 Somewhere Along the Way
08 intro to Roll With the Punches
09 Roll With the Punches
10 Someone Else's Café/Doomscroller Tries to Relax
11 A Little Bit of Everything
12 Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
13 Time Spent in Los Angeles
14 That Western Skyline
15 Feed the Fire
16 Comes in Waves
17 When My Time Comes
18 All Your Favorite Bands
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 18, 2024, 10:06:15 AM »
Zero - April 16, 1989
Lloyd's Restaurant - Hartford, CT

Recording Info:
(20 feet from stage) Beyer M201 -> Cassette Master (Sony D5)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR1A) -> MT 24/96 -> WAV -> FLAC

Mastering Info:
FLAC -> WAV -> Samplitude Professional v10.02 -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

Recorded By Dave Hyun
Transferred By John Dailey
Mastered BY Charlie Miller

-- Disc change is seamless
-- Tape flips in Like A Road and Little Wing

d1t01 - Severe Tire Damage ->
d1t02 - Tangled Hangers
d1t03 - Tongue 'n' Groove
d1t04 - Like A Road ->
d1t05 - Rigor Mortis
d1t06 - Blues Jam
d1t07 - Many Rivers To Cross
d1t08 - Baby Baby
d2t01 - Tear Tags Off Mattresses
d2t02 - Little Wing
d2t03 - Golden Road
d2t04 - Gregg's Eggs
Album Reviews / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by GDHAL on February 18, 2024, 08:46:19 AM »
Little Feat
Gruga Halle
Essen, Germany

Source: master off-air cassette (courtesy of M.R. archive)
Transfer by M.R.: MCA > Zoom H4n > wav @ 16/44.1
Lineage: FM > MCA > wav(16/44.1) > edits > flac(8)

Restored by plaz, tuned, aligned and speed corrected by Goody.

01 introdution / tuning
02 Skin It Back
03 Fat Man In The Bathtub
04 Oh Atlanta
05 Day At The Races
06 All That You Dream
07 Old Folks Boogie
08 Dixie Chicken >
09 Tripe Face Boogie
10 Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
11 Willin'
12 Rocket In My Pocket

Lowell George - vocals, slide guitar
Paul Barrere - guitar, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboards
Kenny Gradney - bass
Richie Hayward - drums
Sam Clayton - percussion
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