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Anyone ever hear the Will Vincent Dynaco? Build quality looks excellent and it's great to see he moved all the connections to the back of the amp. I know most have heard the original but curious if the rebuilds compare or are better.

The beauty of the dynaco is in the transformers, if this has new transformers I would stay away as I have heard they are good but not as good sounding as the originals. Another thing they do is replace the power transformer as the original was specd for 110 volts and we are seeing higher voltages today. I have not heard an amp that has this new power transformer,but it sounds like a good idea.
I love Dynaco's, and I love the el34 tube, for me my favorite.
There are others out there that do what Vincent does for almost half the price butthe Vincent does look cool and probably costs more to do like this..
I would love to try one

Just looking at it no intentions in buying. As far as others who do builds is Bob Latino and even Van Alstine at one point and his was also around 2 grand.


Chris Keller in NC is another guy that does Dyna 70 rebuilds.  I bought one.  His prices are quite reasonable and his work is impeccable.  Super nice guy, responsive, and bomb-proof packaging.  Check his USAM feedback for all the glowing  positive reviews.

PS:   Those Will Vincent amps are gorgeous.  Prices on those have really risen.  I remember a few years ago they were in the $1200 range.   I own one of his Baldwin Organ "super" amps.  Dead quiet and reliable.

Barry (NJ):
Those are all beautiful!
I imagine the custom case work on the Vincent version is what makes up that price difference.


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