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Jenalabs "Easy One" AC Power Line Cord
« on: August 03, 2022, 04:29:27 PM »
Jenalabs "Easy One" AC power line cord, dual output. It can handle 15 amps,
so one's entire audio system can be cleaned up for maximum performance.

There is more to reducing noise, RF etc than throwing parts into a box. The layout,
and parts quality must be such that shielding, and congruity over the frequencies
are satisfied.

Parts values must block all unwanted frequencies with no gaps in
frequency coverage to sneak from input to output.

Placement of parts must not allow certain frequencies to transmit
from intput to output.

Designing takes proper engineering, layout, and parts quality. Jenalabs
is the leader in lifelong quality components.

The slightly used "Easy One" is on sale for $900.00, which includes shipping
within the continental USA. PM or contact me at stevesammet at

I am selling it because I developed my own internal filters in my preamplifiers, mono amps,
and phono stage.



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