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NY Audio Show 2021 Canceled/Postponed

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James Edward:
Bummer dudes. Certainly not the biggest and best, but itís close to home- I was looking forward to it. Too bad. They say itís been rescheduled to March 2022.

 :cry: :cry: :cry:

  Yup. Due to crime and expense in NYC. Yes I know the inside deal.


I do not know about you guys but the show was not that great plus it was expensive as hell to attend.  It also does not help that they insist on having the show the weekend after CAF.  From manufactures perspective it made sense but from show attendees not so much.

When i worked at the MTA it was quite an experience. I remember accidentally walking into showdown between cops and perp and guns were drawn and im like "Im outta here". In Brooklyn on the L line there were guns shots during the day all day long lol. When I was new my boss sent me to Da Bronx on the graveyard shift and I thought is was safer to take my chances walking on the live tracks than to be above ground at 3 am.


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