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Capital Audiofest 2020

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--- Quote from: James Edward on July 09, 2020, 04:30:22 PM ---Why would it be banned in Boston. Speaking of which, if anyone enjoys baked beans, I find B&M ‘Boston’s Best’ to be my favorite.

--- End quote ---

  I agree B&M have been a staple at our home forever. Banned in Boston was a joke.


James Edward:
Thanks. Read about it, learned something new.

  Well back on Nov 5th-8th. Booked and ready to rumble. Not showing this year our lines as our distributor is.  Hope to see a few AN people there.


Anyone go to CAF this year?  If yes, how did it go?

I went. It was pretty good. There was a good amount of vendors/manufacturers although I wish there were more. Just enough attendees to make it a success with out making it too crowded so it was very pleasant. My favorite rooms were Kharma, Tidal, Acora, Salk. I would say 70% of the rooms were spinning vinyl. Of the 30% that were digital, 90% of them were using Lampizator DAC's.


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