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should I get better Ethernet cables?

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Nick B:
Iíve got out of the box regular cheapie Ethernet cables for the TV to ASUS router connection and for the wall to router connection. I really donít care much about video quality, but if I can improve it a bit, great. But Iím more interested in the wall to router connection. I had toyed with the idea of trying an Innuos Mini Zen 3 which would have required a good Ethernet cable, but I think Iíll just stay wireless as I like the Auralic Mini with dedicated LPS.

SoÖ. is it worth it to replace both the TV cable and wall Ethernet cables? My budget for the TV cable would be smallÖ for the wall cable much bigger Ö maybe > $100 if I could squeeze better sound out of my already good-sounding system 🎶

Suggestions welcome  :thumb:

Not if your budget is $100. Keep what you have. Maybe a shielded version if yours is not. If you can shorten to 1.5 mtr TWL period.


Nick B:

As I have never bought an upgraded quality ethernet cable before, I was trying to get a feel if it was worth it to get better quality cables for the applications I stated above. Letís say I expanded my budget to $300 to $400, is it worth it to spend that amount, for example, for an ethernet cable from the wall to my wireless router? is that going to result in any improvement whatsoever or a significant improvement in the sound of Tidal and Qobuz that is streamed wirelessly to my Auralic Mini?

Nick I ran a hardwire Ethernet cable to my Bluesound  Node to replace the WiFi connection using standard CAT 5 cable, nothing fancy. The reason for doing this was that I was starting to get occasional dropouts when playing 192 FLAC files located on my computer. I the hardwired connection solved the dropout problem, but I can't say that I remember noticing any kind of SQ improvement other than the freedom from dropouts. I have not tried any kind of audiophile ethernet cable in this application because it would be cost prohibitive since this is a 30ft run of cable.

Charles, a question for you that is somewhat off topic , but still related to this thread. If I am correct when you talk about using the TWL Ethernet cable, you are using it as a digital interconnect between components, correct?

So my question is this, when Innuous provides ports for Ethernet connections between components, are the running standard Ethernet protocol signals over them or is it just an RJ45 connector that is used to send a proprietary digital signal over a standard Ethernet cable?

Or in other words, is the signal that comes out of they port the same protocol that is used to talk to routers and computers, or is it an audio specific digital format?

Just curious. :-k


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